About Us

Impact Teez was formed in June of 2022. Over the past years, we have worked tirelessly on the design and received our patent in June of 2023. This product, The Impacttee, was designed to help golfers of any skill set, make better connection with the ball using any iron, or putter. It helps by acting as a visual reminder to swing under the ball, making the most of your connection. How we received the patent, is due to when you miss and top the ball, our design will spin and rotate in the ground by how much you missed. Meaning, If you make connection with 90% ball, and 10% our Impacttee, it will only rotate in the ground a little. Should you make 10% connection with the ball, and 90% our tee, it will rotate quite a bit more. This design, tells you how much adjustment you need to make, rather than blindly guessing on your next swing. All while having the ability to fit in your bag.

  • Better Ball Striking

    Impact Teez creates a mental reminder, on where your club needs to be at impact position, in order to have the most optimal ball flight.

  • No More Slices

    The reason you have a slice, is because of two reasons. You have your club face "open" or you swing "over the top." Impact Teez forces to not swing over the top, or else you will make contact with the tee.

  • Shot Consistency

    We have all hit that "perfect shot." Now image you could replicate that "perfect shot" all the time. That's what Impact Teez can help with!