Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee will allow you to return your product after 3 weeks if you do not see any improved results. To be eligible for the guarantee return, you must follow these steps of improvement:

1. Have used Impact Teez for at least 6 days of practice

2. You have not seen any improvement or you do not feel confident with product

3. When you start swinging with the product, allow a good amount of space between ball and tee. This allows for easy use when learning the product.

Disclaimers: Allow time for adjustment period for the product. Using a new training aid does take an adjustment period for you to gain confidence in the product. Which is why we make you wait 3 weeks to feel comfortable with Impact Teez before you initiate the return. You must prove that you have used the tee at least 6 times with no improvement results. Once proof has been sent, it must be approved by Impacteez LLC to achieve full refund. We have to receive the product in an unbroken form with packaging included. 

  • Better Ball Striking

    Impact Teez creates a mental reminder, on where your club needs to be at impact position, in order to have the most optimal ball flight.

  • No More Slices

    The reason you have a slice, is because of two reasons. You have your club face "open" or you swing "over the top." Impact Teez forces to not swing over the top, or else you will make contact with the tee.

  • Shot Consistency

    We have all hit that "perfect shot." Now image you could replicate that "perfect shot" all the time. That's what Impact Teez can help with!