Why Use Our Swing Guide?

Our device promotes hitting down on the ball, which improves contact, flight, & distance. Continued practice will help prevent thin & fat shots which is what most golfers struggle with. You receive instant feedback after each swing.

Golfers are encouraged to visualize every shot, which is difficult without daily practice. Our device will begin to help you see & trust your swing the first time you take it to the range!


Can Impact Teez Be Used on Mats?

If there is a spot to put a regular tee in the mat, you can also put an Impact Teez there.

What is Impact Teez Made of?

Impact Teez is made from a sustainable plastic nylon. It is very durable and will not hurt any of your clubs.

What is the Guarantee?

We guarantee that if you use Impact Teez correctly for more than 2 weeks and see no changes in ball striking. You can get you money back no questions asked.

Do We Ship Internationally?

YES! We ship anywhere on the globe. Unfortunatley if you are outside the US, there is an added shipping cost.