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Impact Teez Holder: Use on Mats, Inside for Bad Weather, Durable Material, Use Anywhere, Improves Swing (Does not include Impact Teez)

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The Impact Teez Holder is made of rubber and is able to hold Impact Teez while hitting off mats. If you live in a cold weather environment where mats are used often on driving ranges, the Impact Teez Holder is your solution.


Ball Striking Information

At impact, the golf club should be in a position where the clubhead is square to the intended target and the shaft is leaning slightly towards the target. The hands should be slightly ahead of the clubhead, with the left wrist (for a right-handed golfer) flat or slightly cupped. The body should also be rotated towards the target, with the weight balanced on the front foot. Proper impact position allows the clubhead to deliver maximum speed and power to the ball, while also helping to control the direction and shape of the shot.

The Importance of Consistent Ball Striking

Good ball striking is important in golf because it can help a player hit the ball farther and more accurately.

A player's ball striking ability is often a key factor in their overall scoring ability, as it directly impacts the distance and accuracy of their shots.

Proper ball striking technique involves making clean contact with the ball, which helps to transfer energy from the clubhead to the ball and produce a desirable shot shape and trajectory.

Ball striking is particularly important on longer shots, as it can help a player generate more power and control the direction and shape of their shots.

Poor ball striking can result in shots that are short, off-line, or that lack the desired trajectory and spin, which can make it more difficult to score well on a golf course.